Separation- well that’s something we all must have come across at some phase or the other in our so called “busy” lives and that is coz we get attached to things or people momentarily. A lot of you reading this may either question as to why momentarily and some may even deny   it but I genuinely believe that all the attachment and bonding in this world is for the moment and in the moment. Be it :

  • our love with our room where we spends some countlessly precious years of our lives.
  • our first love whom we undoubtedly thought is the ‘one’ for us .
  • our first pet who used to be a companion in all the good and bad times of our lives.
  • our best friend or as they say our partner in crime with whom everything was  confided upon.life_moves_on-182014_thumb

the list is endless and this list is not just limited to some of the many firsts in our life and not even trivial issues as they may seem to some but even the more serious ones which include the loss of some one very dear to us or even witnessing a life changing experience.

No matter how close our bonding might be or no matter how inseparable our relationship may be. The grief, the sadness and the loneliness is for a moment or two we may feel that its over for us and that our life must have also come to a close rather than living in with this pain but then again life happens – days pass , weeks pass and months pass. We may refuse to live in for sometime but then again we are forced to go in with the flow. A few sleepless teary eyed nights,some lonely moments and then it all reaches back to normal . I guess normalcy is the style of life, a perfectly normal style of life.

Does that mean that we weren’t close enough with that person/thing ? Does that mean that we in order to keep up with the  fast pace of this world wear in a pretentious mask and is it all a mere facade and that deep down we still are depressed ? The answers may vary from person to person but then for me thats not the way it is and that’s precisely the reason that made me say that every bond , every attachment is momentary coz nothing is permanent not even our life, let alone some relationships that we as humans created to feel the beauty of love- to love and to be loved. So never underestimate the importance of a person in your life, never take them for granted. For as long as they are in your life value them,cherish and nurture the relationship and dont ever let it fall apart cos you never know when that person leaves in for ever and creates a void in your beautiful life even if it is a momentary void.




dreams_moonWe all dream , don’t we ? We dreams about endless things some highly meaningful, others being meaningless , right from getting that one guy in our life we secretly have a crush on who also happens to be our best friends boyfriend to becoming an actor , a model or even an IAS officer . We dream some while we are in a subconscious state and others while we are wide awake, some are highly bizarre and outlandish while others are in form of some unfulfilled desires chasing us often but none of these things give us a reason to stop dreaming but how many of them gives us a reason to chase and achieve them. I know all this sounds so cliché and is something we often come across in self-help books but even then we don’t care about the same ….. I thought of giving it a chance by pondering over it .

Dreams happen to be some of our unfulfilled wishes , chasing us often and disturbing our inner calmness . We tend to ignore and just let them be but that is something we mustn’t do, even if it as dumb as dreaming about a guy we secretly have a crush on or some as big as say becoming a doctor. If there is something that tends to disturb us often , wouldn’t  it be advisable to work on them , achieve them and live a life minus any regrets. Who knows what we thought of as unachievable and beyond our reach is just round the corner and only needs to be worked upon. I know it’s easier said than done and a youth’s life is quite complicated , from our nagging parents on one end to choose a particular subject and go into a particular college to a girlfriend on the other who doesn’t want a long distance relationship and somewhere in between lie our friends who don’t want to leave us and amidst all this our life becomes a mess, trust me on this its we who complicate our lives , add so much more to our plate than we can eat . All that we need to do is tone down our life a little bit, take things as they come and slowly and silently work towards that one thing that drives us knowingly or unknowingly and rest assured everything every thing will fall in place .

Our life isn’t so meaningless and worthless as we often think of it  to let things be, take another path, satisfy with what you get and sacrifice what you wanted the most for some one . IT’S YOUR LIFE , YOU DEFINE IT , MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT COZ IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN HAVE IT AS WELL …..


Friendships day passed just a few weeks ago and I deliberately did not make this post on that day and for I never believe in celebrating such days call it friendships day, Valentines Day, father’s day, mothers day or daughters day. Why celebrate the beauty of any relationship on a particular day? Every relationship must be cherished and celebrated each day. One must not need a day to express love and concern, share gifts and make the other one feel special. This is something that must be done every day for as long as we live coz its only such relationships that complete the otherwise empty life of ours.

Nevertheless, friendship is that beautiful bond that can be felt and experienced by everyone and anyone. It does not need an age, a social status or money unlike some relationships that are formed considering the above parameters. Surprisingly, friendship is one such bond where in language is also not a barrier coz even deaf and dumb people have friends, they may not use words to express their feelings, it just exists unsaid and unspoken but largely felt.

Well said by Edna Buchanan, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” coz neither can we have our parents and siblings running after us everywhere, looking after our well-being nor can we share everything about our life with them.

We make friends at different junctures of our life some stay with us for the moment and rest continue forward their journey with us and so the “I” and “YOU” becomes “WE” and the journey of life becomes a merrier ride from there on except for some bumpy moments.

  • FRIENDS IN SCHOOL – School is like the second home for a child. This is the only place where any individual spends some of the most precious years of his life. He learns to walk, talk and bond with people. This is the place where in we enjoy petty fights on some of the most irrational things in the world ranging from “why did you eat my lunch? to “I will not share my new pen with you”. Spilling inks on shirts and skirts to pushing and pulling each other to reach the school gates first. We vow not to talk to each other forever no matter what but the very next morning on seeing each other’s faces in the Morning Prayer we just could not resist the urge to stay silent and so we simply forgive and forget. That’s the innocence of friendship shared in and believed in school days.
  • FRIENDS IN COLLEGE –College is the place where we learn the real meaning of friendship. We may bond with numerous people in our college days for getting notes, assignments and proxy attendance but by the end of our college days we are left with only a few ones and these are our true friends. College life teaches us to differentiate between good and bad friends, real and fake friends. The day we step out of college we come out with the ones who mean the world to us, who wouldn’t think twice before rushing out to help us anytime. College is the place where we get those 1 am friends who will respond to our needs anytime even through they will literally abuse you for disturbing but then again will stay besides you no matter what.

Relationship is what makes our life beautiful and friendship is one amongst them. So what are you waiting for? Just go and make that friend of yours feel special and wanted rather than waiting for a friendships day. Forget those fights and give you’re friend a warm hug and do not forget to thank the almighty for blessing you with those precious gems who’ve stood by you forever. Just remember when in those tough times god could not make his presence he sent you that one “friend” to help you sail through.

P.S: A big SORRY for not being able to make this post on Sunday was caught with some important things.


My today’s post may take you into a retrospective mode and your mind would want to go into the depths of this issue. A recent incident where in a 16-year-old girl was publicly molested by group of 30 men in an Indian city disturbs me for a variety of reasons. This makes me think is our nation really a safe place for women to survive in. I am sure there are a lot of girls out there who leave their houses everyday for a various reasons be it education or job in fact there are many such women who even leave their cities for considering the better opportunities in terms of their careers. We often boast of an extremely rich culture and tradition where in women are respected and placed in an utmost position but such frequent incidents of rapes and molestation makes me think twice on whether such statements have any importance in our modern-day society where in either men have forgotten the need to respect and value women for they are life bearers/givers or else they consider women as a mere object worth use.

The few things that surprise me the most as a women myself is that once such shameful incidents occur in our nation worth billions of people, the respective authorities rather than performing their task of catching the culprit and putting him behind the bars pass some extremely lame comments such as “women must dress according to the occasion” or the fact that “a women mustn’t dress provocatively as it further triggers a man”, in response to such baseless comments I would sincerely want to ask such people on why is it that a code of conduct is laid for a women rather than disciplining a man ? , Why is it that men are not inculcated with values? And most importantly why does the society despise the women and outcast her as an aftermath for such an incident? Isn’t it something that must be done with the men as they are ones responsible for such a heinous crime.

This is my personal believe that no man can ever understand the psyche of a women after she goes through such a horrible incident in her life. Such things have an ability to change ones life upside down, no matter how ambitious or independent a women might be as an aftermath of such incident she retreats back into her shell, her life is never the same as her self-confidence goes for a toss. Intimidated parents thinking of how the society might label them as marry their daughter off as soon as possible and thus the story of an independent and ambitious women reaches its bitter end as her life now gets confined to the walls of her own house. Not just that a woman is unable to furthermore trust anyone in her life and we can’t blame her for that, it is this society and that accused who is responsible for changing the life of one such happy and cheerful girl.

I do not wish to preach anyone through this post, its just that all this disturbs me deeply and makes me think ARE WOMEN REALLY SAFE ?




Love is the most pristine and divine emotion one can ever feel in their lives. It is something that makes our world go round, stars twinkle in the broad daylight, the heart skips a beat on seeing their loved one, those sleepless nights and romantic days are some of the things people experience when in love and to top it all if it’s the first love then it is an altogether different feeling.

A pair of beautiful eyes was busy gazing Rhea in a huge room and now this was disturbing and distracting Rhea from what people usually do in a coaching class – studying.

Rhea was in her 10th class which meant boards and so she was busy trying to focus on what she was worst at – Mathematics, but somehow those constantly staring eyes in a room full of twenty students for the past fortnight was too much for Rhea to digest and so she finally decided to confront Arjun and try reasoning with him but before she could even think of doing the same. She was faced with what she feared the most, Arjun on his knees right in the middle of the road expressing his love for none other than Rhea. Now this was a little too much for Rhea to take as neither did she know what love was nor had she ever experienced it and so the most outright and rude reply followed the most romantic proposal ever thereby shattering Arjun’s hopes. With this Rhea walked past by Arjun vowing not to ever talk to him again, but little did she know of him and his ways, now that he was in love with Rhea, he will chase her for as long as he doesn’t get her. (I mean that’s how men are, aren’t they? chasing everything for as long as they don’t get it and once they have it they start taking it for granted)

With this begin Arjun’s quest for making Rhea the love of his life. He constantly started following Rhea to and from the coaching classes and back home again sometimes silently staring at her beauty and sometimes chattering all the way down explaining how much he was in love with her and that he can’t live without her but Rhea was in no mood to change her mind for she couldn’t afford to stake her board exams for a stupid one time feeling called love for she hadn’t experienced the magic of the love.

Rhea stopped going to her coaching classes and started studying at home. On the other end Arjun was desperate to meet Rhea as with each passing day love was taking its toll on him. He started following Rhea’s school bus and went all the way down to her school just to catch a single glimpse of her; he was after all in love with her and the feeling of seeing your loved one smile is way too precious. This continued for days, Arjun waiting for Rhea next to the entrance of her school in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Now Rhea was realizing what Arjun felt for her as she herself was falling for him slowly and steadily.

One fine day right outside their coaching classes Rhea came rushing down to Arjun’s arms all in tears confessing how much she was in love with him and that she can’t live without him anymore.

Arjun and Rhea were finally in love with each other. Nothing could stop them now; this was the perfectly scripted love story ever. A dumb Arjun and an intelligent Rhea, a simple and sweet Rhea and a naughty and arrogant Arjun, a rough Arjun and a gentle Rhea. The lists of their differences were endless but there was one thing that bounded them together – their love for each other.

Arjun and Rhea’s love for each other was at its peak. Those never-ending long drives, those endless and meaningless conversations, the late night chats, those sweet nothings was all a part of their routine lives now. They were just as aliens to this world as any lovers could ever get, least concerned of what is happening around the world. Happy and contented in their own world they had created for themselves.

But, every tale has its own twist right? And then how could this one be left behind. Fate had spun its own twist and delivered it in Rhea’s life one fine day. Just when she was completely dependent upon Arjun for every little thing in her life, when she failed to see anything beyond Arjun, Arjun meant everything to her –lover, best friend and more than anything her life. It was exactly when Arjun left her life for reasons not known to her even today.

Yes, just like one of her usual days when she called up Arjun to be able to talk to him, tell him that how much she was in love with him, in the course of their conversation she realized Arjun was a little off-color today on asking him why? All Arjun could answer was, “we need to break up” and that “we can’t be together”. “I may never be able to call you from now on and also you need not call me anymore”. Before Rhea could even react the call got disconnected from the other end. She tried calling back but the phone was switched off. Rhea was shattered coz she hadn’t imagined in the worst of her dreams that man who taught her the meaning of love would leave like this and that her love story would get such an abrupt ending.

From then on Rhea’s life was no more the same, she has moved on in life, not that she wanted but she had to but then her heart is guarded with walls which never opens up to anyone no matter what.


Rains have officially entered the Indian subcontinent and have brought along with it the much needed respite from hot summers and cheers to many faces . Rains are often welcomed by people from all walks of life for reasons a plenty :

  • For school going children it officially marks the beginning of a new session and kids are all decked up to welcome rains in their own little ways with cute little umbrellas and colourful raincoats . Moreover , children have their reasons to feel happy and celebrate rains  as they get to meet their friends after a huge two months long gap , catch up with all that long lost conversations and thus they do make it a point to go to school no matter how heavily it might be raining.
  • For love birds , its a season to celebrate love , their commitment , their togetherness and the bond that they have shared over the time . This is one such season where people in love come out in the open enjoy those never ending long drives , share those sweet nothings . For the ones who have been together for a long time , rains become a reason for them to rejuvenate their love add that zing to their relationship and fall in love all over again and for the ones who have newly found love , it is that time of the year to enjoy themselves and cherish there love . No doubt some of the most romantic moments are felt and enjoyed in the midst of rains .
  • For friends , it is the time to go out for those numerous outings to all the far fetched places enjoying all the while with either that steaming hot  cuppa of “chai” and catching up or else with that hot, spicy and tangy “bhutta” . Friends welcome and enjoy rains to the core . for the ones who are still together in the same city make it a point to go on outings and splurge themselves in the absurdest of activities without  giving two hoots as to what the outer world thinks of them as and for the ones for have been separated due to work, education or whatsoever be the reason rains are the season of remembrance for them as they go down the memory lane thinking of all the wonderful moments they have spent together .
  • For farmers , rains indeed are a blessing in disguise as rains give them an opportunity to get rid of all there debts as there crops sell well and  bring about the much needed prosperity in their lives coz otherwise they end up suffering from some unbearable losses which forces them to take the disastrous step of ending their lives and leaving behind there loved ones.
  • And for the rest all rains are the time to sit back and enjoy with there cup of hot chocolate/coffee/tea whichever pleases their taste buds and their loved ones next to them or a good book not to forget some sumptuous snacks . THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS AND SO IS THE MAGIC OF RAIN . ENJOY!!


There is a reason as to why my first official blog post [ since the previous one was just an intro ] is about the “ideal match”. We all are acquainted to the world of dating right from the moment we are on the threshold of  our teens and thus begins our quest for finding that ideal match who fulfills almost all our expectations right from good looks , to an enigmatic personality , compassionate , affectionate , committed ….. blah blah blah … and the list continues and this quest comes to an halt in either of the two scenarios :

  • ONE being when we accidentally stumble upon and meet our Mr./Ms. Perfect and live happily ever after [If not living happily ever after we at least dream of it and are happy]
  • SECOND being when in spite of trying hard we eventually give up on account on the numerous heartbreaks , meaningless crushes and flings and there by giving up on the so called myth of the ideal match .

coming back to the reason I’ve come across a lot of people in my life who have spent some of there endlessly precious years in finding that perfect match but sooner or later give up simply because they just don’t find that someone who  matches up to all there expectations .

Nevertheless , this is not something that pesters me so much what actually disturbs me is the fact Life always keeps us preoccupied with so many crushes , flings , relationships , our first love and probably the last love but amidst all these casual relationships are we missing out the real essence of love ? We all want a soul mate in our life so that even we can give that “happily ever after ending” to our lives due to which we constantly get in and out of relationships  …….. sometimes satisfied sometimes not what if amidst all this our Mr. /Ms. Perfect simply moves far away from our life after not getting the attention they deserved  …… Life seems so simple but I wonder is it really ??

This does not mean I am a pessimist  even I am amongst the one who sees a silver lining in every cloud and is thereby waiting for that one ideal match who can turn my life upside down . Hopefully I get one and so do you and as for those who are in a relationship I really wish that it turns into that ‘fairytale wedding’ we all dream of .

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